Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vulnerability and Pumpkin Pie Concretes

Allison and I have the best creative energy. She brings a vulnerability to every photograph that can't be directed or coerced out of someone, it has to be natural. And it is. 100% authentic vulnerability, she's that way even with out a camera in her face. These photos were taken in her home on the first day of fall. We only shot for about 10 minutes then proceeded to split a quart of Andy's pumpkin pie custard and watch Hocus Pocus. Perfect way to start the perfect season.

Logan and the analogous color spectrum

Logan, bombshell goddess self-proclaimed bookworm, agreed to help me out with the class project. We focused on analogous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel.) I learned 2 things from photographing Logan; 1. She's a fucking natural born model. I didn't have to give hardly any direction, as soon as I put the camera on her she slayed. 2. If you're photographing friends and want to get some drinks before a photo shoot, don't. A couple weeks ago, Logan and our friend Jess and I planned a photo shoot but we decided to first start with a glass of wine from the MudLounge. 3 glasses a piece and 2 appetizers later, we decided to call off the shoot because our drunk asses weren't about to leave that golden happy hour for anything. Turns out it's best to celebrate after the work gets done. Anyways Logan and I finally got to work together and it was magical and colorful and we sealed the moment with tequila shots at Patton Alley afterwards.

Al and the anti-senior-photo photo shoot

Allison, my co-conspirator and inspiration, last week agreed to help me with a project my photography class was working on about the color wheel. Turns out I should have maybe used a color wheel when picking out the colors for the photos, the results of the project are still up in the air. Either way, we did our thing and had a damn good time doing it. It was also an interesting opportunity to get out of my own box and intentionally photograph bright colors. But in the words of the immortal Amy Winehouse, "back to black." xx